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Textone is an online electronic music label with associated magazine elements, manifesting itself in word and sound; a channel that lets ideas and expressions circulate freely in public, with the goal of generating an open exchange of thoughts and works within the electronic music community. See our website for more information.

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by Jay Haze
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30 releases. 2 years, unimaginable bandwidth, releases from the likes of René Breitbarth, Jay Haze, Troy Pierce, Matt John, Peter Spiess, Mikael Stavoestrand, Lump, Fenin, Jambi and the list goes on and on. So were celebrating adulthood and with that a few gifts from us to you. First, from now on releases are 256Kb/s. Second is this release. Jay Haze and 5 Textone family members. Collaborations are just that. Sessions at Hazes studio with almost no post production just the raw power of a...
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by Jay Haze
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Our man of many styles and even more aliases strikes with another surprise: experimental dub-hop?! The first track, Underground, represents a truly mind-boggling reinterpretation of spoken words over music, miles ahead of the stale formulaic product served by most of the hip-hop industry today. Showing that unique production method matters more than fitting into preconceived genre pigeon holes, Haze travels a continuous arc from Underground via Miami Bass, an electro freestyle improvisation, to...
Topics: Experimental, Textone
Source: Original recording for Textone
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as our first repeat offender on textone, jay haze brings you the em-effin' ruckus on his latest ep. no joke. minimal funk straight from the pressure cooker onto your plate and palate. a little spicey, but hey, that's good for you! the marathon track "super freak fried" delivers the soundtrack for your next kinky s&m session with the neighbor (no use in denying, we've been watching you all along). if you just want to dance, that's ok, too. "africa" goes on a shopping trip...
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